Upgrade hosts

Some parts on this site are outdated and will be revised.

If a single host or infrastructure is installed and running, it is necessary to maintain it. The installing of software upgrades is a one task of this process. In addition, software upgrades of system-critical infrastructure parts must always be tested in a test or development environment before they are installed in a productive environment.

The SDM framework uses the ansible groups development and production as well as the variables system_productive_prefix and system_development_prefix. The development group contains all hosts of the development environment and the production group all hosts of the productive environment. The variables system_productive_prefix and system_development_prefix contain the hostname prefixes of the respective group such as D for the development and P for the production group. These variables will be used by the upgrade process to assign a productive host to the corresponding host of the development environment.

The playbook upgradehosts.yml performs this process. The invocation is done for a single host as follows:

ansible-playbook configurehost.yml -e "host=<inventory hostname>" 

And for a special host group it is done as follows:

ansible-playbook configurehost.yml -e "hostgroup=<inventory hostgroup>" 

The following sequence diagram shows the process in detail:

host upgrade