Configure hosts

Some parts on this site are outdated and will be revised.

The configuration of a host is separated from the installation process. That allows to configure host settings without reinstalling the whole system. For example it is necessary if firewall rules are changed, a user is added, changed or deleted and so on. This process also runs automatically after the installation and upgrade process has been completed.

The first steps of this process are to set a random password for the root user and to grab the private and public SSH key of the host to be configured. The set root password is also stored in a host named text file in the directory ansible_passwords. The SSH keys are stored in the directory ansible_keystore. More information about these directories can be found here: SDM: directory layout

The host installation can be started by running the playbook configurehost.yml as follows:

for a single host:

ansible-playbook configurehosts.yml -e "host=<inventory hostname>" 

for a group of hosts:

ansible-playbook configurehosts.yml -e "hostgroup=<inventory hostgroup>"

The following sequence diagram shows the process in detail:

configuration of a host