Some parts on this site are outdated and will be revised.

General information

Playbooks are the central part of each automation with Ansible. They are comparable with the main routine of a usual binary or scripted programme. Through the abstraction of the roles there are only few playbooks necessary. These covers the processes of

In addition, all playbooks have just only a few set of parameters which are uniform for all. These parameters are:

An execution of a playbooks has either following syntax:

ansible-playbook <playbook> -e "host=<inventory hostname>"


ansible-playbook <playbook> -e "hostgroup=<inventory name of hostgroup>"

Adding or deleting hosts from a hostgroup or function

Also important are the processes for adding and deleting of hosts from a hostgroup or function. The SDM framework provides no special playbooks for these processes, because existing playbooks like configure.yml can be used for that or the processes are too complex for a general playbook.

The process for adding of a host to a hostgroup or function is usually the simplest process of these two processes. For this it is usually enough to register and install the host as well as configuring the whole function. This is done with the playbooks installhost.yml and configurehost.yml.

The process of deleting can be much more difficult. The way in which the data of the function is provided and managed is very important for this. The simplest case is to unregister the host from the infrastructure and to reconfigure the function again. But it can also be possible thate the data have to reorganized before the host can be removed from the group.