Installer Guide

Installing the operation system on a target host is an important part of managing it. Every operation system or distribution based on it has a programme that takes over this task. The following section descripes the integration and managment of operation system installers into the SDM Framework.

General Information

The installation of each operation system proceeds always in the same way:

  1. boot a live image and configure some hardware devices like network cards
  2. configure / format the hard disks
  3. install and configure a core / base system with its bootloader
  4. reboot the system and start the new installed system
  5. complete the installation

For an automated installation of a hosts, two components are needed, the installer image and the answer file. The following documentation deals with the general information and properties of SDM framework for these components.

Installer images

The SDM framework provides tasklists to create and publish the installer images in the correct places. The central part of this process are the system- and the package.netboot-roles. The system-roles provide the tasklist installer that build an installer from scratch or modify an existing image. The information that this tasklist needs are

Furthermore, the installer tasklist of a specialized system generates the variable system_installer_images. It contains a list of information about the created installer and each entry has following data:

At last, the installer tasklist of the system root role executes the tasklist registerimage of the specialized package.netboot-role.

The tasklist registerimage of the specialized package.netboot-role needs the user defined variables:

It should be noted that the SDM Framework is design for a platform-independent usage. The creation of an installer must also be platform-independent.

Answer files

The answer file transfers general information to a booted installer image. It contains some necessary data that are needed to install a base system. These data are usual:

The generation and publication of the system-specific answer files are done by tasklist answerfile of the system-roles. This tasklist need the variables:

Furthermore, the installer script within the installer image uses the variable system_answerfile_url to detect the base URL of the answer files.

Supported Installer

This section contains an overview about all currently supported installer.