Description: common SDM plugins
Version: 1.1.6

Plugin Index

These are the plugins in the sdm.common collection.

Action plugins

Connection plugins

  • sshjail – connect via ssh client binary to jail

Filter plugins

  • ipops – additional IP filters
  • listops – additional list filters
  • mimetypes – additional mimetype filters
  • regexops – additional regular expression filters.
  • stringops – additional string filters

Lookup plugins

  • isvarsfile – checks a vars file within the vars directory of the current role
  • roles – returns names of existing roles


  • fbsd_update – executes the fetching and installing of binary updates to FreeBSD
  • jail – create, destroy and control FreeBSD jails
  • pkgng_upgrade – upgrade all binary packages of FreeBSD to a newer version.
  • raw_ping – executes native ping utility

Vars plugins