Project: NextCloud

NextCloud offers a good platform for collaborative working. With this project the present Cloudstore service of the TU Dresden will be renewed, automated and improved. Everybody who wants to participate can join. This site provides all important information.



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Systemindependent components for NextCloud-platform

Ansible / SDM FrameworkObject based Storage / NFSHAProxyHAProxyMariaDB / Galera ClusterGalera ArbitratorDatabase ClusterRedisRedisRedisRedisRedisRedisRedis ClusterLDAP / ShibbolethNextCloud-Appsphpphp-fpmphp-opcachenginxfail2banNextCloudNextCloud-Appsphpphp-fpmphp-opcachenginxfail2banNextCloudNextCloud-Appsphpphp-fpmphp-opcachenginxfail2banNextCloudNextCloud-Appsphpphp-fpmphp-opcachenginxfail2banNextCloudHAProxyHAProxyWeb Frontend

other components

What is the objective?

With this project the present Cloudstore service will be renewed and improved. The major objective is to automate the service so that the computer technology behind the service no longer has to be edited manual. The technical terms for this procedure are IaC (Infrastructure As Code) and Hand-Off-Operation. With this procedure human as source of error gets minimized as far as possible. Ansible and SDM-Framework will be used as platforms for automation. The whole development will be proceeded with the aspect of Opensource and the result will be published.

Who can join?

Everone is able to participate. The only conditions are the desire to join, contribute experiences and gain knowledge. There is nothing more required. No one will be left alone.

How can I join?

Primary developing and updating the source code is provided. But we also need help for implementing the documentation, like writing, translating, creating graphics and so on. Furthermore, a basic part of the assistance is First-Level-Support.

Developing and updating a Source code

If you want to join the development of the Ansible-Code, you choose one of the above mentioned components you want to edit. Please note the following conditions:

An overview about all developing members can be found here.

We have a short meeting every Friday at 10:00 a.m., unless otherwise agreed, to clarify questions, compare work statuses and distribute new tasks. All information can be found here.

Preparing a documentation

This part will be published. But interested persons can already register:


For First-Level-Support there is a Matrix-Group which should be used for this.